Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide


Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

  • ReferencedDocumentsandStandard
  • Significance and Use of the MEPDG
  • Terminology and Definition of Terms
  • Performance Indicator Prediction Methodologies-An Overview
  • Hierarchical Input Levels-Deciding on the Input Level
  • General Project Information
  • Selecting Design Criteria and Reliability Level
  • Determining Site Conditions and Factors
  • Pavement Evaluation for Rehabilitation Design
  • Determination of Material Properties for New Paving Material
  • Pavement Design Strategie
  • Rehabilitation Design Strategies
  • Interpretation and Analysis of the Results of the Trial Design


This manual of practice presents information to guide pavement design engineers in making decisions 
and using the MEPDG for new pavement and rehabilitation design. The manual does not provide guidance 

on developing regional or local calibration factors for predicting pavement distress and smoothness.

A separate document, Standard Practicefor Conducting Local or Regional Calibration Parametersfor the 
MEPDG, provides guidance for determining the local calibration factors for both HMA and PCC pavement 
types (NCHRP, 2007.b).


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