The Contractor's Guide to BIM


The Contractor's Guide to BIM

This Contractor’s Guide is intended to assist in determining how to get started with
using Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Virtual Design and Construction
(VDC). Though focused on buildings, much of the guide is applicable to all types of
construction. The guide provides answers to many of the common questions asked
by both general and specialty contractors who believe that with the use of improved
technologies this process is the way of the future and are trying to determine where to
start in their own organization.

For purposes of this guide, Building Information Modeling and the Building Information
Model (both referred to as BIM) are defi ned as follows:
Building Information Modeling is the development and use of a computer software
model to simulate the construction and operation of a facility. The resulting model, a
Building Information Model, is a data-rich, object-oriented, intelligent and parametric
digital representation of the facility, from which views and data appropriate to various
users’ needs can be extracted and analyzed to generate information that can be used to
make decisions and improve the process of delivering the facility.


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