This book was written as class notes for the course on ”Offshore Soil Mechanics” 

of the Department of Civil Engineering of the Delft University
of Technology, as given until 2002.
In the latest version, which is published on the internet, the format 

of the pages has been changed to the landscape shape, some figures
have been improved by adding color, and multi-line formulas have been reduced 

to a single line, profiting from the wider page format. Also two
chapters (on consolidation and waves in piles) have been copied from 

the Soil Dynamics book. Some additional material may be included later.
For many problems elementary computer programs 

are given, in Turbo Pascal. 

These programs may be used, copied and distributed without restriction.
 No responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from use of these programs is accepted.

Contents :

  1. Soil Properties
  2. Theory of Consolidation
  3. Sea Bed Response to Cyclic Loads
  4. Cutting Forces in Sand
  5. Beams on Elastic Foundation
  6. Axially Loaded Piles
  7. Development of Pile Plug
  8. Laterally Loaded Piles
  9. Pile in Layered Elastic Material
  10. Waves in Piles
  11. Gravity Foundations

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