This publication is intended as a handbook for the conceptual
design of concrete structures in multistorey
buildings. It cannot and should not be used for actual structural scheme design which should
be undertaken by a properly experienced and qualified engineer. However, it should give other
interested parties a ‘feel’ for the different options at a very early stage before an engineer sets forth with calculator or computer.

In conceiving a design for a multi-storey structure, there are, potentially, many options to be
considered. The purpose of this publication is to help designers identify least-cost concrete options 
Its main objectives are, therefore, to:
  • Present feasible, economic concrete options for consideration
  • Provide preliminary sizing of concrete frame elements in multi-storey structures
  • Provide first estimates of reinforcement quantities
  • Outline the effects of using different types of concrete elements
  • Help ensure that the right concrete options are considered for scheme design
This handbook contains charts and data that present economic
sizes for many types of concrete 

elements over a range of common loadings and spans. 

The main emphasis is on floor plates as these 
commonly represent 85% of superstructure costs.
 A short commentary on each type of element is 
This publication does not cover lateral stability. It presumes that stability will be provided
by other means (eg. by shear walls) and will be checked independently.

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