Civil Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/Ell Exam Third Edition


Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/Ell Exam Third Edition

This book is one in a series intended for engineers and
students who are taking a discipline-specific (DS) afternoon
session of the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE)
The topics covered in the DS afternoon FE exams are
completely different from the topics covered in the
morning session of the FE exam. Since this book only
covers one discipline-specific exam, it provides examlevel
problems that are like those found on the afternoon
half of the FE exam for the civil discipline.

This book is intended to be a quick review of the
material relevant to the afternoon session of the civil
engineering exam. The material presented covers the
subjects most likely to be on the exam. This book is
not a thorough treatment of the exam topics. Its objective
is to prepare you with enough knowledge to pass.
As much as practical, this book uses the notation given
in the NCEES Handbook.
This book consolidates 181 practical review problems,
covering all of the civil discipline-specific exam topics.
All problems include full solutions.
In developing this book, the NCEES Handhook and
the breakdown of problem types published by NCEES
were my guide for problem types and scope of coverage.
However, as with most standardized tests: there
is no guarantee that any specific problem type will be
encountered. It is expected that minor variations in
problem content will occur from exam to exam.

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