Dictionary of Engineering Second Edition


Dictionary of Engineering Second Edition

The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Engineering provides a compendium of more than
18,000 terms that are central to the various branches of engineering and related
fields of science. The coverage in this Second Edition is focused on building
construction, chemical engineering, civil engineering, control systems, design
engineering, electricity and electronics, engineering acoustics, industrial engineering,
mechanics and mechanical engineering, systems engineering, and
thermodynamics. Many new entries have been added since the previous edition
with others revised as necessary. Many of the terms used in engineering are
often found in specialized dictionaries and glossaries; this Dictionary, however,
aims to provide the user with the convenience of a single, comprehensive

All of the definitions are drawn from the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and
Technical Terms, Sixth Edition (2003). Each definition is classified according to
the field with which it is primarily associated; if it is used in more than one
area, it is idenfified by the general label [ENGINEERING]. The pronunciation of
each term is provided along with synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations
where appropriate. A guide to the use of the Dictionary appears on pages vii
and viii, explaining the alphabetical organization of terms, the format of the
book, cross referencing, and how synonyms, variant spellings, abbreviations,
and similar information are handled. The Pronunciation Key is given on page
xi. The Appendix provides conversion tables for commonly used scientific
units as well as listings of useful mathematical, engineering, and scientific data.
It is the editors’ hope that the Second Edition of the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of
Engineering will serve the needs of scientists, engineers, students, teachers,
librarians, and writers for high-quality information, and that it will contribute
to scientific literacy and communication.


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