Composite Structures of Steel and Concrete


Composite Structures of Steel and Concrete

This volume provides an introduction to the theory and design of composite
structures of steel and concrete. Readers are assumed to be familiar
with the elastic and plastic theories for the analysis for bending and shear
of cross-sections of beams and columns of a single material, such as
structural steel, and to have some knowledge of reinforced concrete. No
previous knowledge is assumed of the concept of shear connection within
a member composed of concrete and structural steel, nor of the use of
profiled steel sheeting in composite slabs. Shear connection is covered in
depth in Chapter 2 and Appendix A, and the principal types of composite
member in Chapters 3, 4 and 5.

All material of a fundamental nature that is applicable to structures for
both buildings and bridges is included, plus more detailed information
and a fully worked example relating to buildings. The design methods are
illustrated by calculations. For this purpose a single problem, or variations
of it, has been used throughout the volume. The reader will find that the
dimensions for this structure, its loadings, and the strengths of the materials
soon remain in the memory. The design is not optimal, because one
object here has been to encounter a wide range of design problems, whereas
in practice one seeks to avoid them.


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