Building Information Modeling Planning Guide For Facility Owners


Building Information Modeling Planning Guide For Facility Owners

This Guide presents a standard approach for facility owners to more effectively plan the integration of BIM throughout the organization and the lifecycle of a facility. Through effective BIM planning, owners can develop a clear business case to maximize the value of BIM implementation to support their facilities throughout their lifecycle.

Many readers of this guide may be familiar with the content of the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide1. That Guide focused on a strategy for maximizing the value of BIM implementation at a project level. This Guide takes a different perspective, and is specifically focused upon an organizational level of BIM planning for facility owners. When developing the organizational plans several levels of planning where found to be beneficial. The Guide defines procedures to develop strategic, organizational execution, and procurement level plans. Each procedure requires an analysis of the planning elements from a variety of levels of detail and perspectives. To supplement the previously available BIM Project Execution Plan, this guide provides three additional planning procedures (shown in Figure 0-1) to allow for the development of a cohesive strategy for the implementation of BIM. 

The entire set of planning procedures includes:
  • BIM Organizational Strategic Planning to assess existing organizational conditions, align BIM goals and vision, and develop a transition plan to implement BIM
  • BIM Organizational Execution Planning to plan the detailed implementation within the operations of the organization
  • BIM Project Procurement Planning to identify key contractual issues to consider when creating contract requirements and a standard BIM Project Execution Plan template
  • BIM Project Execution Planning (in BIM Project Execution Planning Guide) for project teams to maximize the value of BIM on a facility construction project (see the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide for additional details).

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