Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics


Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics

Table of Contents:
  • Modelling Concepts for BIM
  • A Review of Building Information Modeling Tools from an Architectural Design Perspective
  • Delivering BIM to the UK Market
  • Building Information Modelling Maturity Matrix
  • Product Modelling in the Building and Construction Industry: A History and Perspectives
  • The US National Building Information Modeling Standard
  • A CAD-Based Interface Management System using Building Information Modeling in Construction
  •  A Comparative Analysis of 2D Computer-Aided Estimating (CAE) and BIM Estimating Procedure
  • Automated Building Process Monitoring
  • Extracting Fire Engineering Simulation Data from the IFC Building Information Model
  • The Applications of Building Information Modelling in Facilities Management
  • Developing Context Sensitive BIM Based Applications
  • The Idealization of an Integrated BIM, Lean, and Green Model (BLG)
  • A BIM Based Application to Support Cost Feasible ‘Green Building’ Concept Decisions
  • Integrating BIM with Urban Spatial Applications: A VEPS Perspective
  • BIM Integration with Geospatial Information within the Urban Built Environment
  • BIM and Geospatial Information Systems
  • BIM Adoption: Expectations across Disciplines

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