BASIC water and wastewater treatment


BASIC water and wastewater treatment

This book is one of an expanding series which aims to combine
the appHcations of simple programming in BASIC with an
understanding of some aspects of a particular branch of engineering
or science. It is not intended to be an instruction
manual for programming in BASIC, nor is it a comprehensive
coverage of water and wastewater treatment. An introductory
chapter provides sufficient information about programming in
BASIC to enable the reader to follow the programs in the
succeeding chapters but is not a substitute for the numerous
texts about BASIC. 

Water and wastewater treatment is an
important area of engineering which is dealt with to some extent
in most civil engineering courses and which also appears in
chemical engineering, environmental engineering and environmental
sciences courses. It is an area which combines aspects of
engineering, biology, chemistry and physics, and the topics
covered in the book have been selected to illustrate the multidisciplinary
aspects of the subject. It must be appreciated that
the discipline of water and wastewater treatment, dealing as it
does with natural raw materials and the waste products of
civilization, is not perhaps so mathematically dependent as other
branches of engineering. The random variations in the composition
of waters and wastewaters mean that strictly theoretical
explanations of phenomena are not always of practical value and
reliance may have to be placed, at least in part, on empirical
and philosophical interpretations of what is observed to occur.
The coverage of water and wastewater treatment in this book is
thus concerned with those aspects of the subject which can be
expressed by mathematical relationships or which require a
decision-making sequence. For a full understanding of water and
wastewater treatment, water pollution control and other environmental
aspects of water.


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