Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis


Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis

  • Retail Applications of Spatial Modelling
  • Using Spatial Models to Solve Difficult Retail Location Problems
  • Location-based Services for WAP Phone Users in a Shopping Centre
  • Mass Appraisal and Noise: the use of Lifestyle Segmentation Profiles
  • Targeting Clusters of Deprivation within Cities
  • Assessing Deprivation in English Inner City Areas: Making the Case for EC Funding for Leeds City
  • GIS for Joined-up Government: the Case Study of the Sheffield Children Service Plan
  • The Application of New Spatial Statistical Methods to the Detection of Geographical Patterns of Crime
  • Modelling and Assessment of Demand-Responsive Passenger Transport Services
  • The South and West Yorkshire Strategic Land-use/Transportation Model
  • The Relocation of Ambulance Facilities in Central Rotterdam
  • A Probability-based GIS Model for Identifying Focal Species Linkage Zones across Highways in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
  • Modelling Migration for Policy Analysis
  • Modelling Regional Economic Growth by Means of Carrying Capacity
  • Planning a Network of Sites for the Delivery of a New Public Service in England and Wales
  • New Methods for Assessing Service Provision in Rural England
  • Forecasting River Stage with Artificial Neural Networks

Applied work in geographical information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis has been
a persistent component of research activity in geography and regional science for several
decades. This introductory chapter of this book establishes the background to the contemporary
flurry of applied activity, explains the structure of the book and introduces
the contents of the chapters that constitute the various parts into which the book has
been divided

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