Analysis of Concrete Structures by Fracture Mechanics


Analysis of Concrete Structures by Fracture Mechanics

This volume contains the proceedings from an international workshop on the analysis of concrete structures 
by fracture mechanics. The workshop was dedicated to Professor Arne Hillerborg in recognition of his 
many outstanding contributions to this field. The workshop was organized by RILEM Technical Committee 
90-FMA Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Structures—Applications.
In addition to the presentations and discussions during the workshop, as summarized by the authors, the 
volume also contains some papers contributed by colleagues and friends of Arne Hillerborg. 
We would like to thank Arne Hillerborg and the other authors for their cooperation, the staff at the 
Division of Structural Engineering at Luleå University of Technology for the practical arrangements of the

workshop, and the personnel at Chapman and Hall for the publication of this volume.

  1. Arne Hillerborg and fracture mechanics L.ELFGREN
  2. Mode I behaviour of concrete: Influence of the rotational stiffness outside the crack-zone
  3. Experimental analysis of mixed mode I and II behaviour of concrete
  4. Considerations regarding fracture zone response to simultaneous normal and shear displacement
  5. Mixed mode fracture in compression
  6. Thermal stresses in concrete at early ages
  7. Grain-model for the determination of the stress-crack-width-relation
  8. Size effect and experimental validation of fracture models
  9. General method for stability analysis of structures with growing interacting
  10. Use of the brittleness number as a rational approach to minimum


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