Timber Construction Manual, 6th Edition


Timber Construction Manual, 6th Edition

The American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) has developed this Timber
Construction Manual for convenient reference by architects, engineers, contractors,
teachers, the laminating and fabricating industry, and all others having a
need for reliable, up-to-date technical data and recommendations on engineered
timber construction. The information and the recommendations herein are based
on the most reliable technical data available and reflect the commercial practices
found to be most practical. Their application results in structurally sound

The American Institute of Timber Construction, established in 1952, is a nonprofit
industry association for the structural glued laminated timber industry. Its
members design, manufacture, fabricate, assemble, and erect structural timber
systems utilizing both sawn and structural glued laminated timber components.
These systems are used in homes; schools; churches; commercial and industrial
buildings; and for other structures such as bridges, towers, and marine installations.
Institute membership also includes engineers, architects, building officials,
and associates from other industries related to timber construction.
The first edition of the Timber Construction Manual was published in 1966.
Changes in the wood products industry, technological advances, and improvements
in the structural timber fabricating industry necessitated revisions of the
Manual. New lumber sizes and revisions in grading requirements for lumber
and glued laminated timber were reflected in the second edition published in
1974. The third edition was published in 1985 to reflect new information on
timber design methods. The fourth edition of the Manual was published in 1994
and contained updated design procedures used for timber construction. The fifth
edition (2005) added sections on timber rivet fasteners and load and resistance
factor design.

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