Sustainability in Engineering Design and Construction


Sustainability in Engineering Design and Construction

The purpose of this book is to introduce sustainability and sustainable practices to

members of the engineering and construction (E&C) industry and to provide insight

into how to design and construct sustainable structures. Information is presented on
why sustainable practices are being used, how they are being implemented, and what
the potential benefits of their use are for members of E&C firms.
This book is unique because it not only addresses the sustainable aspects of
buildings but also covers sustainable practices during engineering design and
construction operations for all types of E&C projects. Many books focus on the
sustainability certification rating systems used for evaluating buildings after they
are complete, and these rating systems are mentioned in this book, but the main
focus of this book is on providing information on how to address sustainability
in all of the E&C industry sectors during engineering design and construction

The first part of the book, Chapters 1 through 3, provides background information
on sustainability, sustainable development practices, corporate social responsibility,
supply chain management, early adopters of government sustainability objectives,
barriers and drivers for implementing sustainable development practices, sustainability
in the construction sector, domestic and foreign environmental regulations,
sustainability global reporting initiatives, the social and community impact of projects,
the environmental impact of production operations for construction materials,
and global environmental management standards.
The first part of the book also includes information on the global treaties influencing
the incorporation of sustainable practices into engineering design and construction
operations such as the Kyoto Protocol Treaty, Basel Convention, Rio
Declaration, and Stockholm Convention. It also presents information on clean development
mechanisms, joint implementation practices, carbon sinks, and emissions
credits. The environmental laws affecting E&C professionals working in the United
States are covered to illustrate their impact on engineering designs and construction

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