Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete


Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

Concrete is the most widely used building and construction material in the world. Natural lightweight aggregates have been
used since Roman times and artificial lightweight aggregates have been available for over 70 years. However, lightweight
aggregate concrete has only a very small share of the market. A number of notable structures have been built in the UK,
Europe and the USA and yet many designers appear to ignore the material. Some reject it on the grounds of the basic cost, taking
no account of the benefits that can result from its use, such as reduced member sizes, longer spans, improved fire resistance,
smaller foundations and better thermal properties.
Lightweight aggregate concrete is covered, briefly, in most structural design codes but reference is generally made to
specialist documents for more detailed information. This book aims to bring together all aspects of the material, considering
the manufacture of the aggregates, mix design and construction, design requirements and specific applications in buildings,
bridges and other structures. Information has been included not only from the UK but also from the rest of Europe, the USA
and Japan. The authors of the various chapters all have extensive experience of lightweight aggregate concrete and are drawn
from all branches of the industry.

This book is intended for all those who may be concerned with lightweight aggregate concrete, be they specifiers, materials
suppliers, designers, contractors or the eventual owners of the building or structure. It is hoped that, by dealing with all the
aspects, this book will help lightweight aggregate concrete to achieve its rightful place in construction

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