Repairing flooded buildings


Repairing flooded buildings

Flooding is an issue that is likely to affect both home occupiers – owners

and tenants – and the insurance industry for the foreseeable future. It

causes distress to property owners and occupants, and the technical
difficulties associated with the repair process can test experts to the limit.
The background to this guide arises from the recognition that
organisations in the insurance and construction industries can jointly
offer solutions which bring together the main parties to restore insured
property to its condition before the flooding event.
Since flooding invariably involves more than one property, this joint
industry approach often means involving all parties for all affected
properties working together to produce mutually satisfactory results.
It is with this in mind that a group of like-minded professionals started to
work together to create a manual of best practice aimed specifically,
although not exclusively, at the insurance industry, professionals within
that industry, and linked industries such as mortgage lending. It is not
entirely intended as being a stand alone document – indeed there is already
a great amount of data and information available elsewhere – but hopefully
it will provide a useful reference document if used in isolation.
The flow of the contents of the guide take the reader through the sequence
of events in a flood claim – from inspection, through the drying process, to
the recommendation of flood resistant repairs. In addition it assists those
who are perhaps less experienced in flood repairs to understand some of
the basic insurance and technical issues involved, and some elemental
requirements of customer care – recognising that inadequate
communication and management of expectation rests at the heart of many

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