Recommendations on Excavations


Recommendations on Excavations

In 1965 the former Deutsche Gesellschaftfur Erd- und Grundbau (German Society
for Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering), now the Deuische Gesellschaft
fur Geotechnik (German Society for Geotechnics), called the “Tunnel Engineering”
Working Group into life. The wide-ranging tasks of the Working Group
were divided into the three sub-groups “General”, “Open Cut Methods” and
“Trenchless Technology”. The “Open Cut Methods” Working Group at first busied
itself only with the urgent questions of analysis, design and construction of
excavation enclosures. The preliminary results of these efforts were published in
1968 as the “Recommendations for Calculation of Braced or Anchored Soldier
Pile Walls with Free Earth Support for Excavation Structures”’.

During the course of work involving questions concerning analysis, design and
construction of excavation enclosures, it was recognised that the subject matter
was so comprehensive that the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Erd- und Grundbau
(German Society for Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering) decided to
remove this area from the “Tunnel Engineering” Working Group and transfer
it to a separate Working Group, that of “Excavations”; the personnel involved
were almost completely identical with those of the previous “Open Cut Methods”
Group. The first publication of the new Working Group appeared with the title
“Recommendations of the Working Group for Excavations” in the journal “Die
Bautechnik” (Construction Technology) in 1970. It was based on a thorough
reworking, restructuring and enhancement of the proposals published in 1968
and consisted of 24 recommendations, continuously numbered and prefixed by
the letters EB. The letters “EB” are an abbreviation of the German “Empfehlungen
fur Baugruben” (“Recommendations for Excavations”). In this English translation
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