High-Strength Concrete A practical guide


High-Strength Concrete A practical guide

presenting a set of guidelines and empirical relationships merely for purposes

of rote memorization. Stated differently, simply knowing that two plus two
equals four has far less potential for advancement compared to knowing
why two plus two equals four.
Several key considerations were addressed prior to writing this book.
First, is the presumption that the reader is generally familiar with both the
fundamental terminology and basic principles associated with concrete
technology.1 With this in mind, the reader may find that some concepts
considered fundamental to concrete technology have, for the most part,
been omitted. In the event of an unfamiliar term, material property, or
construction practice being encountered, several informative publications
are suggested at the beginning of Chapter 1. Second, to be consistent with
the book’s title, only concrete-making materials, production methods, and
construction practices considered “mainstream” to the industry will be
covered. Exotic materials and manufacturing processes will not be addressed.
This book will address high-strength concrete made using the same type
of cements, aggregates, admixtures, and water that can be used to produce
conventional-strength concretes.

There is a unique set of challenges for authors whose mission it is to
write a book about concrete meant for an international audience. Each
country has its own set of standards for concrete and its constituents

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