Fundamentals of Structural Engineering


Fundamentals of Structural Engineering

Structural engineers have two major responsibilities during the design process.
First, they must synthesize the structural system, i.e., select the geometry and the
type of structural members that make up the structure. Second, they must size the

members such that the structure can comfortably support the design loading.
Creating a structural concept requires a deep knowledge of structural behavior.
Sizing the members requires information about the internal forces resulting from
the loading. These data are acquired through intelligent application of analysis
methods, mainly computer-based methods. With these responsibilities in mind, we
have selected the following objectives for this book

We have organized this text into three parts. Parts I and II are intended to provide
the student with the necessary computational tools and also to develop an understanding
of structural behavior by covering analysis methodologies, ranging from
traditional classical methods through computer-based methods, for skeletal type
structures, i.e., structures composed of one-dimensional slender members.

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