Design Guide on Use of Alternative Steel Materials to BS 5950


Design Guide on Use of Alternative Steel Materials to BS 5950

This design guide serves as Singapore’s national code of practice for the use of alternative steel materials in design to the British Standard “BS 5950 Structural use of steelwork in building”, including those manufactured to British Standards. Steel materials not covered in BS 5950 by default shall be allowed with or without restrictions if they are in compliance with the provisions of this design guide.
The objective of this design guide is to ensure that only adequate (in terms of material performance) and reliable (in terms of quality assurance) steel materials, regardless of material standards to which the materials are manufactured to, are used in the design of structural steelworks to ensure public safety.
This design guide only gives provisions for structural design based on BS 5950, and therefore only serves as guidance at the design stage. It has been assumed in the drafting of this design guide that the execution of its provisions is entrusted to appropriately qualified persons, in compliance with appropriate execution standards to control materials, fabrication and erection of steelwork.

As a code of practice, this design guide takes the form of guidance and recommendations. It should not be quoted as if it was a specification and particular care should be taken to ensure that claims of compliance are not misleading. Reference for additional design recommendations other than those given in this design guide shall be made to various parts of BS 5950.
This design guide does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a contract. Users of this design guide are responsible for their correct application.

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