Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures


Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures

Concrete’s versatility, durability, and economy have made it the world’s most used construction material. The United States uses about 260 million cubic meters (340 million cubic yards) of ready mixed concrete each year. It is used in highways, streets, parking lots, parking garages,
bridges, high-rise buildings, dams, homes, floors, sidewalks, 
driveways, and numerous other applications. 
Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures has been the cement and concrete industry’s primary reference on concrete technology for over 75 years. Since the first edition
was published in the early 1920s, the U.S. version has been updated 14 times to reflect advances in concrete technology and to meet the growing needs of architects, engineers,
builders, concrete producers, concrete technologists, instructors, and students.

This fully revised 14th edition was written to provide
a concise, current reference on concrete, including the many advances that occurred since the last edition was published in 1988. The text is backed by over 85 years of research by the Portland Cement Association. It reflects the latest information on standards, specifications, and test methods of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).
Besides presenting a 50% increase in new information over the previous edition, this edition has added metric units that are currently required on most federal government projects and many state projects; AASHTO standards commonly used by many state departments of
transportation are provided alongside ASTM standards; internet addresses are provided for many references for instant access; new photographs have been added to illustrate
modern technology; and included are appendices on metric unit conversion, ASTM and AASHTO standards, and a listing of key concrete organizations and their web addresses. New chapters on supplementary cementing materials, fibers, and high-performance concrete have also been added.

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