Concrete Repair


Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is a complex task requiring special knowledge from all the people involved:

owners, operators, building authorities, designers, executing companies, product manufacturers

and suppliers, building control authorities, and even experts. This special knowledge

covers technical building regulations and standards, building materials, deterioration mechanisms,
diagnosis, load-bearing
capacity and safety, repair principles and methods, repair
materials, execution of repair works, quality control, inspections, and monitoring, as well
as maintenance and building management systems.
In recent years the repair of concrete structures has become a worldwide activity.
However, the diagnosis, design, selection of products, and execution of repair works need
to be adjusted to the individual condition of the buildings, thus requiring specialist knowledge
among all the people involved. There are several reasons for corrosion of the concrete
or the reinforcement. Only if they are clearly identified by a systematic assessment of the
structure can repair measures be designed successfully. Furthermore, it is essential to estimate
the further development of the condition of the structure to select the optimal time for
protection or repair measures.

This book is based on the new European Standard EN 1504, which provides a systematic
approach from the principles and methods of repair and protection of concrete structures
through to the selection of suitable products and quality control. This approach provides an
optimal basis for understanding and designing repair work. The systematics of principles
and methods are new, and therefore are described in detail, explained in schematic drawings,
and summarised in the tables. The details of the product standards are mainly confined
to the product supplier, and therefore are not discussed in detail. However, the theoretical
background of corrosion and diagnosis methods, which are not covered by the EN 1504
series but are very important for successful repair work, are described using the expertise
of the authors.

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