Underground Structures Design and Instrumentation


Underground Structures Design and Instrumentation

UndergrOUnd Structures - Design and Instrumentation attempts to provide the

most updated information on the design aspects of an underground structure.

The structure may be a tunnel, a shaft, or a cavern, either alone or a
combination thereof. In the preparation of the book, the philosophy was to
include only items of utmost importance which will improve the quality of the
final designed product, and will render a very cost effective design. A
conscious decision was made not to include all the aspects of design or
construction; items of minor importance were therefore left out. Emphasis was
given to include, however, lessons learned from experiences which were of
significant nature; mundane matters were excluded.
A separate book titled 'Underground Structures - Construction and
Investigation" covers important aspects of construction and subsurface
investigation relevant to the design and construction of underground

The book is an extension of international level short courses conducted in
the years 1983, 1985, 1987, and 1989 in Colorado, U.S.A., where I served as a
faculty director, course director and speaker. These short courses had
participants, at one time or other, coming from Asia, Europe, South and North
America. These courses won high ratings from the participants of the courses.
At the conclusion of the 1987 short course, it was clearly evident that
there is a need in the technical community for a book of this kind that
encompasses updated information on the design of tunnels, shafts, and caverns.
The goal of writin9 such a book seemed attainable when several speakers of
the short courses concurred to contribute their efforts in coauthoring the
book. I must admit that a single person's effort, like that of mine, would not
have been that exhaustive and inclusive of all the important items that need to
be considered and included in producing a most cost effective design for a
buildable structure.
This book should serve the needs of Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers,
Geologists, Planners and Executives who are associated with the design and
construction of underground structures.

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