Tunnelling Management


Tunnelling Management

unnelling, along with much civil engineering in Britain, particularly of

projects of high potential risk, has suffered during the late 1980s and 1990s
from the unsuccessful experiment—doubtless influenced by the prevailing
politics of the time—to apply crude free market principles to the
procurement of projects in fragmented elements, each element at least cost,
centrally administered but not integrated. To many, the paradox has not
been lost that a commercially motivated doctrine applied in an inappropriate
manner to an essentially professional field reserved its hardest blows for the
commercial interests themselves, as ‘management’ and ‘engineering’ were
condemned to part company.

The jargon of ‘systems’ is unfamiliar to tunnelling. In consequence, in this
book, a familiar term ‘design’, usually used in construction in far too narrow
a sense, is used in the broad sense in which it is applied, for example, in
manufacturing engineering (Chaplin 1989). Where the term ‘design’ is used
in this comprehensive sense, as defined in Chapter 2, it is printed throughout
as ‘design’ to avoid confusion with the narrow sense of ‘scheme design’ and
‘element design’ traditional to tunnelling. One particular objective of this
book is the emphasis on the essential interaction between product design (the
design of the finished project and of its operation) and process design (the
design of construction and its means) for success. The dominant role of
design in this broad sense is discussed in Chapter 2.
The book is thus largely concerned with the features of operation of the
design process to allow the development and execution of the optimal
scheme by the interactions, often iterative, between the several contributors.
Along the way, examples, many within personal experience, illustrate
success and failure, and underscore the benefits of design to all concerned,
not least the ‘clients’ and their financial supporters. There are those who
maintain that design equates to engineering and that there is merit in
emphasising this correspondence

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