The Structural Engineer’s Professional Training Manual


The Structural Engineer’s Professional Training Manual

One of the most difficult things about writing this book was coming up with a
title, believe it or not. It needed to be something descriptive, yet succinct; imaginative,
yet practical; and inspiring, yet memorable. The book’s title, simple as it
may be, gives an indication that a variety of topics will be covered; being a manual
for such a broad-based subject as training engineering graduates. The process
of training is a human one, where individual personalities can either hamper or
enhance effort of both mentor and protégé, and each party must be certain of his
or her role in the experience. It is for graduate and experienced professional alike.
It is for licensed engineers from all ranges of society to refresh their knowledge
of business practice, material behavior, and personal improvement in communicating
with others. Most importantly of all, I trust that this book will benefit the
profession of structural engineering, as we all work together to advance a solid
reputation for service to others from all walks of life, all races and creeds, and all
economic backgrounds.

Over the years, I have gathered articles, clippings, books, videos, and other information
to help in the process of mentoring new graduates who are eager to begin
their careers on the right foot. This information was also helpful to my own professional
growth, as teaching others caused me to examine my own life, resulting
in a benefit for everyone involved in that process. I will be the first to admit that
I have not always consistently remembered or applied principles found in this
book, nor have I had 100% success with bringing out the best in others that I have
trained over the years. However, the information is timely and relevant to all skill
levels within the profession.

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