Structural Steel work


Structural Steel work

The purpose of this book is to show basic steel design to the new limit state code

BS 5950. It has been written primarily for undergraduates who will now start
learning steel design to the new code, and will also be of use to recent graduates
and designers wishing to update their knowledge.

The book covers design of elements and joints in steel construction to the simple
design method; its scheme is the same as that used in the previous book by the
principal author, Structural Steelwork Calculations and Detailing, Butterworths,
1973. Design theory with some of the background to the code procedures is given
and separate elements and a complete building frame are designed to show the use
of the code.
The application of microcomputers in the design process is discussed and the
listings for some programs are given. Recommendations for detailing are included
with a mention of computer-aided drafting (CAD)

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