Fiber as Structural Element for the Reinforcement of concrete


Fiber as Structural Element for the Reinforcement of concrete

The purpose of this manual is to provide general information, criteria and new methodologies for the calculation, project and execution of concrete reinforced works with fibers. They will be presented,  therefore, the obtained data of the investigations made by Maccaferri, oriented to the study of the  behavior, resistance and efficiency of such structures. 

The Maccaferri intention is to have new and useful contributions to concrete works reinforced with 
fibers, helping the consultants and contractors work who act in the segment of structural engineering.  

For a more detailed analysis on the arguments treated here, we suggest to consult the specific publications 

that are indicated in the bibliographical references. 
This manual they will be presented and discussed theoretical foundations, numerical examples of 
the of the concrete reinforced with fibers applications and details of the use of the Wirand® metallic

fibers and Fibromac® plastic fibers 

Maccaferri is placed to total disposition, to give solution to problems, cradle in its experience, acquired 

along more than 100 years of existence in all the world

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