Design of Shallow Foundations


Design of Shallow Foundations

The study of foundations is invariably treated as two separate and distinct topics:
the study of shallow foundations and the study of deep foundations. The
concepts, approaches and practices involved in these two topics are quite
different; it is a very natural choice to study them separately. This book deals
with the first topic, the study of shallow foundations. Traditionally, the design of
routine shallow foundations is presented at the undergraduate level, while the
study of deep foundations is ordinarily presented in more advanced work, quite
often at the graduate level.

The design of shallow foundations necessarily involves two disciplines: soil
mechanics and structural mechanics. Specialists in soils are somewhat inclined to
view foundation design as a soils problem with implications in structures.
Specialists in structures are similarly inclined to view foundation design as a
structures problem with implications in soils. In this text, only the most common
case is considered, where foundation design is an interwoven indistinct melding of
the two disciplines.
It is intended that this book will set forth a balanced presentation of both soils and
structures as they relate to foundations. From soils, it includes a treatment of
relevant soil properties and soil mechanics at shallow depths. From structures, it
includes a summary of loads on foundations and the deformations produced by
such loads. The focus, however, remains at the founding line, where the particular
structural design is matched to the particular soil conditions

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