Concrete structure management: Guide to ownership and good practice


Concrete structure management: Guide to ownership and good practice

The objective of this Guide is to provide owners with an understanding of

Why they should be concerned about the management of their concrete structures
(buildings and infrastructure) as an aspect of meeting their business goals or the service
objectives of their organisation and the contribution such assets make to these.

What constitutes best practice in the management of concrete structures.
 What their broad responsibilities are in relation to these activities, noting examples of
statutory and related duties.
 How these activities relate to the wider context and issues of service life design to meet
the functional and related through-life issues associated with sustainable assets.
 How they can engage with their supporting professional team of architects, engineers,
specifiers, contractors and others to enable them to achieve functional, durable buildings
and infrastructure assets providing value for money in relation to the goals of the business
or organisation concerned, whilst meeting their wider obligations and responsibilities.
What information and direction is needed by the supporting professional team.
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