Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Specification


Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Specification

In this third and final edition my objectives differ from those of the previous


Rather than promoting the commercially available program ‘ConAd’, I am now
concerned to spread my developments as widely as possible in the world and in
the concrete industry and professions and also to look as far as possible into the
future of mix design and quality control. This is very much not a handbook on
how to comply with established standards but rather a view on how those
standards, and other entrenched attitudes, should be revised to more nearly reflect
reality and enable progress

Concrete technology is in a period of rapid development. The use of self-compacting
concrete is increasing, strengths are increasing, and knowledge of the factors
affecting durability is increasing. Admixtures and cement replacement materials
are undergoing rapid development. Natural sand supplies are being exhausted in
many areas, focussing more attention on crusher fines (‘manufactured sands’).
Computers now have an essentially infinite capacity to store data and programs,
permitting far closer control of the production process, including mix design,
quality control and production control.
Even specialist concrete technologists have difficulty in keeping up with all
developments, having to specialize in selected aspects and maintain a network of
contacts to supplement their own knowledge.

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