Bridge Rehabilitation


Bridge Rehabilitation

In the last two decades, the rapid deterioration of bridge structures has become a serious technical and economical problem in many countries, including highly developed ones. Therefore, bridge rehabilitation has also become a very essential factor (sometimes even a decisive one) in contemporary bridge engineering. The book covers in synthetic form nearly all the most important problems concerning bridge rehabilitation, such as bridge superstructure and substructure, the typical damage observed in bridges as well as the assessment and evaluation techniques of their technical condition. The book is intended mainly for postgraduate university students. Therefore, all the problems are mostly presented in their physical, chemical and technical as well as economical aspects. The relevant requirements are treated as objective ones, i.e. irrespective of the rules, standards, regulations or guidelines particular to any country. This approach to the subject gives the book a more general character and therefore makes it a useful text for most civil engineering courses.


  • Introduction, Terminology and General Scope
  • Overview of Needs
  • Typical Damage of Bridge Structures
  • Assessment and Evaluation Techniques
  • Some General Problems of Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of Concrete Bridge Superstructures
  • Rehabilitation of Steel and Composite Bridge Superstructures
  • Rehabilitation of Bridge Deck and Bearings
  • Rehabilitation of Bridge Substructure
  • Modernization of Concrete, Steel and Composite Bridges

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