Bridge and Highway Structure Rehabilitation and Repair


Bridge and Highway Structure Rehabilitation and Repair

The issues are basically presenting an overall perspective of the multi-billion dollar transportation
industry, the resulting advantages of which to the society appear to surpass those offered by
other disciplines, except perhaps the medical profession. Indeed, transportation is a complement
even to the medical profession, by facilitating an ambulance’s trip to the hospital in the shortest
time, without being stuck in a traffi c jam or delayed by a roadway closed for repairs.
The book’s theme and scope are about engineering the rehabilitation and repairs of existing
highways bridges in an effi cient and cost-effective manner. Its special features are about facing
“ground realities” or “river realities” when “fi xing the bridge.” No more mathematics should
be required than is actually needed, since mathematical technique is a means to an end and is
not an end in itself.
Innovative ideas for structural planning and precast connection details developed by design
and sometimes construction teams over the years will be presented, making this book unique.
a junior engineer to a senior engineer and to a team leader responsibilities. In the design
environment, there is a need to develop an engineering sense to address the issues and resolve
them in an engineering sense in the limited time available.
The audience for whom the book is intended includes practicing structural and bridge engineers
in United States and abroad, government agency engineers, planners, highway and traffi c
engineers, geotechnical engineers, hydraulic engineers, transportation specialists, contractors,
product vendors, senior engineering students, and university professors.
The book is also intended for those with the following job titles: engineering managers, project
managers, design engineers, construction supervisors, instructors, and fi nal year students.
In addition, the book is intended for those who might be affi liated with the following professional
associations and organizations: American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society of
Highway Engineers, American Concrete Institute, AASHTO, FHWA, TRB, American Institute
of Steel Construction, and state board professional engineering licensing agencies

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