An introduction to structural optimization


An introduction to structural optimization

The text is written for students with a background in solid and structural mechanics

with a basic knowledge of the finite element method, although in our experience

such knowledge could be replaced by a certain mathematical maturity. Previous
exposure to basic optimization theory and convex programming is helpful but not

strictly necessary.

The first three chapters of the book represent an introductory and preparatory
part. In Chap. 1 we introduce the basic idea of mathematical design optimization
and indicate its place in the broader frame of product realization, as well as define
basic concepts and terminology. Chapter 2 is devoted to a series of small-scale problems
that, on the one hand, give familiarity with the type of problems encountered
in structural optimization and, on the other hand, are used as model problems in
upcoming chapters. Chapter 3 reviews basic concepts of convex analysis, and exemplifies
these by means of concepts from structural mechanics. Chapter 4 is, from an
algorithmic point of view, the core chapter of the book. It introduces the basic idea of
sequential explicit convex approximations, and CONLIN and MMA are presented.
In Chap. 5 the latter is applied to stiffness optimization of a truss

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