Tunnel lining design guide


Tunnel lining design guide

This Guide is intended to cover the design of structural linings for all manner of driven tunnels and shafts to be constructed in most types of ground conditions. A bibliography is provided of source data and references for more detailed understanding and analysis, and for use where hybrid designs do not fit one particular category described in this guide
The need for a single reference of recommendations and guidance  for tunnel lining design has been recognised for a number of  years. Hitherto, designers have adopted a variety of approaches  based on practical experience of tunnels built in similar circumstances
and on research carried out both on mathematical and  physical scale-models, either undertaken by the designers themselves  or which have been presented in published papers. Combined with such knowledge, existing codes and standards that have not
been specifically written for, or are not appropriate to, tunnelling  have been modified

This Guide is primarily intended to provide those determining the 
required specification of tunnel linings with a single reference as 
to the recommended rules and practices to apply in their design. 
In addition, however, it provides those requiring to procure,
operate or maintain tunnels, or those seeking to acquire data for 
use in their design, with details of those factors which influence 
correct design such as end use, construction practice and environmental 

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