The purpose of this book is to provide a straightforward introduction to the

principles and methods of design for concrete structures. It is directed primarily

at stu dents and young designers who require an underst anding of the basic theory

and a concise guide to design procedures. Although the detailed design me thods

are ge nerally according to Bri tish Standards . much of the theory and practice is
of a fu ndamental nature and shou ld, therefore. be use ful to engineers in other
countries. Limit state concepts, as recently introduced in the new Codes of
Prac tice , are used and the calculations are in SI units throughout.

The subject matter has been arranged so that chapters 1 to 5 dea l mostly with
theory and analysis while the subsequent chapters cover the design and detailing
of various types of member and struc ture. In order to include topics that are
usually in an undergraduate course, there is a chapter on earth-re taining and
water-retaining structures, and also a final chapter on prestressed concrete.
Important equa tions tha t have been derived within the tex t are highlighted by
an as te risk adjacent to the equalion number.
In preparing the fourth edition of this book, the principal aim has been to
incorporate new information relating to the design of wa ter-retaining structures,
as proposed by British Standard BS 8007. The remainder of the text, which
relates to BS 8 110, remains essentially unchanged with only very minor

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