Principles of Foundation Engineering


Principles of Foundation Engineering

Soil mechanics and foundation engineering have developed rapidly during the last fifty

years. Intensive research and observation in the field and the laboratory have refined and

improved the science of foundation design. Originally published in the fall of 1983 with a

1984 copyright, this text on the principles of foundation engineering is now in the seventh

edition. The use of this text throughout the world has increased greatly over the years; it
also has been translated into several languages. New and improved materials that have
been published in various geotechnical engineering journals and conference proceedings
have been incorporated into each edition of the text.
Principles of Foundation Engineering is intended primarily for undergraduate civil
engineering students. The first chapter, on Geotechnical Properties of Soil, reviews the topics
covered in the introductory soil mechanics course, which is a prerequisite for the foundation
engineering course. The text is composed of fourteen chapters with examples and
problems, and an answer section for selected problems. The chapters are mostly devoted to
the geotechnical aspects of foundation design. Both Systéime International (SI) units and
English units are used in the text.

Because the text introduces the application of fundamental concepts of foundation
analysis and design to civil engineering students, the mathematical derivations are not
always presented; instead, just the final form of the equation is given. A list of references
for further information and study is included at the end of each chapter.
Each chapter contains many example problems that will help students understand
the application of the equations and graphs. For better understanding and visualization
of the ideas and field practices, about thirty new photographs have been added in this

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