Optimal Structural Analysis


Optimal Structural Analysis

Recent advances in structural technology require greater accuracy, efficiency and

speed in the analysis of structural systems, referred to as “Optimal Structural

Analysis” in this book. It is therefore not surprising that new methods have been
developed for the analysis of the structures with complex configurations.
The requirement of accuracy in analysis has been brought about by need for demonstrating
structural safety. Consequently, accurate methods of analysis had to be
developed since conventional methods, although perfectly satisfactory, when used
on simple structures, have been found inadequate when applied to complex and
large-scale structures. Another reason why greater accuracy is required results
from the need to achieve efficient and optimal use of the material, i.e. optimal design.

The methods of analysis that meet the requirements mentioned above, employ matrix
algebra and graph theory, which are ideally suited for modern computational
mechanics. Although this text deals primarily with analysis of structural engineering
systems, it should be recognized that these methods are also applicable to other
types of structures. The concepts presented in this book are not only applicable to
skeletal structures, but can equally be used for the analysis of other systems such
as hydraulic and electrical networks. These concepts are also extended to finite
element methods.

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