Integrated Materials and Construction Practices for Concrete Pavement


Integrated Materials and Construction Practices
for Concrete Pavement

The purpose of this manual is to bridge the gap between recent research and common practice related to producing concrete for pavements. The intended audience is agency or industry personnel who are interested in optimizing concrete performance for every paving project. Readers may include

Quality control personnel
Materials and equipment suppliers
Construction supervisors
This manual provides a ready reference and/or instruction guide for anyone involved in designing or constructing concrete pavements. The emphasis is on the concrete material itself—specifically, on optimizing concrete’s performance. To optimize concrete’s performance in today’s pavement construction environment, everyone in concrete paving projects must understand

concrete as the central component of a complex,
integrated pavement system.
Readers will find some overlap and repetition of information among the chapters. This is a result of the integrated nature of the various stages and considerations involved in designing and constructing concrete pavement projects

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