Handbook on Concrete Reinforcement and Detailing


Handbook on Concrete Reinforcement and Detailing

This Handbook provides information on properties of reinforcing steel and &ta-iling

requirements, including storage, fabrication, assembly, welding and placing of reinforcement

in accordance with IS : 456-1978. ‘As a result of the introduction of limit state
method ‘of design for reinforced concrete structures and the concept of development
length, detailing has become extremely important as many of the design requirements are
to be’ met through detailing. This Handbook is expected to guide the designer in detailing
which include correct positioning of bare for a particular type of structural element and
preparation of bar bending schedule. The detailing requirements as specified in IS : 456-
1978 have. been brought out as applicable to different structural elements in a building
and explamed, wherever necessary. The relevant Indian Standards and other literature
available on the subject have been taken into consideration in preparing the Handbook.
The Handbook will be useful to concrete design engineers, field engineers and students of
civil engineering.
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