The Concrete Solutions Conference series is a British,Italian , French joint venture comprising GR Technologie  Ltd. of the UK, the University of Padova, Italy (Galileo’s University!) and INSA Rennes, of France. The  conference is co-sponsored by the ACI and supported by the UK’s Concrete Society, the Institute of Concrete  Technology, and the Corrosion Prevention Association.  The first two conferences attracted wide international audiences and presented the latest in cutting-edge  technology approaches to the repair of deteriorated concrete structures.This conference has attracted participation from 34 Countries, which is no mean achievement! Again an excellent rage of diverse papers has been captured, 
with many useful case studies and plenty of useful research papers, too. 
This book contains the Proceedings of the third conference, held in Padova, Italy, at the prestigious University of
Padova. It presents the best in research, practical application, theory and strategyfromthisimportant international
Papers are presented on electrochemical repair, patch repair, repair with composites, repair of fire damaged structures, repair strategy, general repair topics and testing and inspection. 
Such sharing of international knowledge is the key to understanding of concrete problems, how to prevent 
them and how to repair them economically and practically. It is essential reading for researchers and engineers 
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