Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook


Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook

A great need has existed for an in-depth handbook on concrete construction engineering and technology  that can assist the constructor in making correct technical judgments in the various areas of constructed 

systems. This

is intended to fill this very need. This edition is completely updated and includes 

ten new chapters written by leading experts on various topics dealing with the state of the art in several 
newly developed areas of concrete construction and design engineering. All chapters treat their particular   
subjects with extensive detail and depth of discussion, a feature that is lacking in any comparable texts.    
Also, each chapter provides selected references for the user to consult for further research beyond the 
scope of the 

. The topics covered here are state-of-the-art statements regarding what the design

engineer and the constructor should know about concrete, the most versatile material of the 21st century. 
These topics can be grouped into five categories:
Latest advances in engineered concrete materials
, including concrete constituents, high-performance
concretes, the design of mixtures for both normal- and high-strength concretes, and special
concrete applications such as architectural concrete
Reinforced concrete construction
, including recommendations on the vast array of types of constructed
facilities, long-term effects on behavior and performance such as creep and shrinkage, construction 
loading effects, formwork and falsework proportioning, and automation in construction
Specialized construction
, such as prestressed concrete construction in buildings and transportation
facilities; construction and proportioning of structures in seismic zones (including the latest
provisions of the 2006 International Building Code on the design of structures in high-seismicity 
zones); masonry construction; heavy concrete construction, such as roller-compacted concrete; 

and concrete marine structures, such as offshore platforms concrete
Design recommendations for high performance
, including deflection reduction in buildings, proportioning
of concrete structural elements by the latest ACI 318-08 Building Code, prefabricated
precasting, geotechnical and foundation engineering, nondestructive evaluation of long-term
structural performance, and structural concrete repair, retrofit, and rehabilitation
Specialized topics on new materials
, such as engineered concrete composites, geopolymer concrete,
equipment for concrete building construction, joints in concrete structures, design of precast
seismic bracing systems, detailed design of fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP), and aesthetics in longspan 
bridge construction

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