The implementation of the high-speed railway network constitutes, nowadays, one of the most

important European challenges both from the social/economic and technical point of view. One of these challenges results from the trains travelling at high speeds, which produce new and complex  effects, namely on bridges, and impose a more accurate design and new construction technologies.  Many countries have already developed their own structural solutions for dealing with the effects  of high-speed trains in bridges, and a great number of structures have been in operation for several   years. However, in recent years, design concepts and technology have improved, while innovative  structural ideas have appeared.

In this context, this book includes the contributions of a group of international specialists in this

field, sharing their knowledge and expertise with the engineering community, and discussing th 
structural behaviour and performance of existing solutions and potential improvements.

The book includes a number of chapters covering the following topics:

– Design
– Codes and Dynamic Analysis
– Construction
– Monitoring, Maintenance and Repair
The themes included in this book are mainly based on the papers presented at the workshop
“BRIDGES FOR HIGH-SPEED RAILWAYS” organised by the Faculdade de Engenharia da
Universidade do Porto (FEUP). This book will be completed with two others, involving more
focused topics: “Dynamics of High-Speed Railway Bridges” and “Track-Bridge Interaction on
High-Speed Railways”.

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