Bridge Design using the STAAD.Pro AASHTO Code


Bridge Design using the STAAD.Pro  AASHTO Code

The combination of and STAAD.beava can make your bridge design and analysis

easier. is first used to construct the bridge geometry and STAAD.beava is used to
find the AASHTO 2002 load positions that will create the maximum load response. The
maximum load response could be any of the following
1. Maximum plate stresses, moment about the local x axis of a plate (Mx), moment about
the local y axis of a plate (My) etc. used to design for concrete deck reinforcement.
2. Maximum support reactions to design isolated, pile cap, and mat foundations.
3. Maximum bending moment or axial force in a member used to design members as per
the AASHTO code.
4. Maximum deflection at mid span
These loads that create the maximum load responses can be transferred into as load
cases to load combinations for further analysis and design. Figure 1 shows the bridge design
procedure discussed above

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