Analysis and design of plated structures


Analysis and design of plated structures

the extended Kantorovich method in Chapter 6 and the distributed transfer
function method in Chapter 7. A large amount of important plate vibration
data are given in these four chapters.
In Chapter 8, the domain decomposition method and the state-space
technique are combined to solve the vibration problems of rectangular plates
with abrupt changes in properties. Analytical relationships between the vibration
frequencies of higher-order shear deformable plate theories and the classical
thin plate theory are derived for simply supported plates of polygonal shapes
in Chapter 9. These two chapters provide exact solutions that should serve as
useful benchmark results for checking the validity, convergence and accuracy
of numerical techniques and results.

Chapter 10 treats the free vibration problem of functionally graded plates
while Chapter 11 considers the more complicated nonlinear vibration problem
of functionally graded plates with pre-stress and imperfections. Unlike
composite plates, these functionally graded plates do not have the undesirable
abrupt changes in the stress distributions through the plate thickness. In
Chapter 12, the nonlinear vibration and transient analysis of hybrid laminated
plates are presented.
The last two chapters address interesting topics on plated structures. Chapter
13 provides a hybrid strategy that is suitable for parameter identification of
plated structures. The parameter identification strategy should be useful in
model calibration and updating as well as for damage detection/assessment
in a nondestructive way. In Chapter 14, a plate model, usually used for
modelling a plate component in a structure, is used to represent an entire,
very large, pontoon-type floating structure (or mega-float as termed by the
Japanese). The chapter presents a very powerful technique for performing
hydroelastic analysis of such a large floating plated structure

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