Structural Failure and Plasticity


Structural Failure and Plasticity

The IMPLAST series of symposiums began in 1973 at the Indian Institute of Technology, in New Delhi, India. 
The theme of the symposia has been in the large deformation of materials and structures subjected to quasistatic, 

medium and high rates of loading. This symposium is the seventh in the series and the first time it has 

been held outside of India. Australia was chosen as a venue because of the strong bond that exists between the 

two countries and also because of the research work currently being carried out in the field of impact mechanics,

crashworthiness and plastic deformation of structures. Delegates from more than 20 different countries from 5 
continents have come together to present and discuss results from numerous studies in the field of impact and 

plasticity. What better place to hold such an international event at the start of the new Millennium than in a 

young nation, where a week before the symposium another inspiring international event was held, the Olympic 


Most of the symposia have been run under the careful guidance of Professor N. K. Gupta. A very warm and 
generous host, Professor Gupta always encourages international researchers to visit his institute to motivate and 

inspire his fellow researchers. He has also encouraged a large number of famous international researchers to 

attend and speak at the various IMPLAST symposia so as to enhance the exchange of ideas and results among 

the world's applied mechanics fraternity. Professor Gupta's keynote lecture provides an overview of the 

contribution the IMPLAST series has made to impact and plasticity engineering and provides further insights 
into the plastic deformation of tubes and frusta.

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