STAAD Pro 2007 Technical Reference


STAAD Pro 2007 Technical Reference

STAAD.Pro is a general purpose structural analysis and design program with applications primarily in the building industry - commercial buildings, bridges and highway structures, industrial structures, chemical plant structures, dams, retaining walls, turbine foundations, culverts and other embedded structures, etc. The program hence consists of the following facilities to enable this task.
The STAAD.Pro 2007 Graphical User Interface (GUI) is normally used to create all input specifications and all output reports and displays (See the Graphical Environment manual). These structural modeling and analysis input specifications are stored in a text file with extension “.STD”. When the GUI does a File Open to start a session with an existing model, it gets all of its information from the STD file. A user may edit/create this STD file and have the GUI and the analysis engine both reflect the changes. The STD file is processed by the STAAD analysis “engine” to produce results that are stored in several files with extensions such as ANL, BMD, TMH, etc. The ANL text file contains the printable output as created by the specifications in this manual. The other files contain the results (displacements, member/element forces, mode shapes, section forces/moments/displacements, etc.) that are used by the GUI in post processing mode.

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