Soil Engineering Testing,Design and Remediation


Soil Engineering Testing,Design and Remediation

To the engineer, the matenals making up the Earth's crust are 
divided invariably into the categories of soil. Differing from 

the way an agronomist considers soil, the engineer's concern 
with the same lies in the fact that it more far-ranging, going 
beyond an agricultural necessity as the natural medium for 
growth of all land plants; for engineers, the term soil extends 
from the ground surface down to its contact with a layer of 
hard rock. As such, the process of soil engineering is an apt 
and more effective means of renewing soil resources then

conventional methodology, especially as the strain on soils for 
the production of numerous human and animal needs 

continually increases.

The present text has been designed as a manual which 
present an incisive look into the engineering principles of soil 

testing, design and remediation techniques which are 
increasingly being used in soil conservation practice. The text 
attempts to acquaint readers with the essentials of the subject 
even as it elaborates upon the challenges, issues and concerns
associated with it, relating particularly to the care of various 
types of soils, and how they respond to the numerous 

technology designed to improve their quality, texture and 
fertility. In addition to listing current trends and 
developments in soil engineering, the book offers a look at 

how engineering principles are changing the way soil is 
perceived, analysed and utilised.

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