Primavera P6 Data Dictionary


Primavera P6 Data Dictionary

This data dictionary defines fields used in P6.

You can access product manuals and technical documents from the P6 EPPM Documentation Center, located in the \Documentation\<language> folder of the P6 EPPM physical media or download. Most documentation assumes a standard setup of the product, with full access rights to all features and functions.
Media packs include all files necessary to install P6 EPPM applications, all manuals and technical documents related to the installation, administration, and use of P6 EPPM modules, and the Quick Install Guide. For information on the contents of the P6 EPPM Media Pack, see the P6 EPPM Quick Install Guide.
The following table describes documentation publications and lists the recommended readers by role. P6 EPPM roles are described in the P6 EPPM Administrator's Guide.
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