Post-tensioned concrete floors Design handbook


Post-tensioned concrete floors Design handbook

The use of post-tensioned concrete floors in buildings has

been growing consistently in recent years. The greatest use
of this type of construction has been in the USA, and in California
it is the primary choice for concrete floors. Posttensioned
floors have also been used in Australia, Hong
Kong, Singapore and Europe. Their use in the UK is now
increasing rapidly.
This report explains the overall concept of post-tensioned 
concrete floor construction as well as giving detailed design 

recommendations. The intention is to simplify the tasks of
the designer and contractor enabling them to produce effective 
and economic structures. Post-tensioned floors are not 

complex. The techniques, structural behaviour and design 
are simple and very similar to reinforced concrete structures. 
The prestressing tendons provide a suspension system within 
the slab and the simple arguments of the triangle of forces 
apply with the vertical component of the tendon force 
canying part of the dead and live loading and the horizontal
component reducing tensile stresses in the concrete

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