Pavement Design and Materials


Pavement Design and Materials

This textbook covers pavement materials, analysis, design, evalua-tion, and economics of asphalt and portland concrete roadways. Itsintended audience is engineering students at the undergraduate andjunior graduate levels. In addition, practicing engineers may find ituseful as a reference for practical design applications. Its structurefocuses on the best established and currently applicable techniquesfor material characterization, analysis, and design, rather than offer-ing a historical perspective of these techniques and the way theyare applied by the multitude of jurisdictions dealing with roadwaypavements. In compiling this textbook, our initial intention was toutilize metric (SI) units throughout. However, this was tempered bythe number of empirical expressions still in use involving imperialunits, including some adopted by the Mechanistic-Empirical designguide. In such cases, the use of dual units was unavoidable.

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